Sign Up For Free Tarot Sunday


I’m a long-time student of tarot and believe that if I’m ever going to get to the next level then I need to move from the studying phase to the actual “doing” phase.  And because I tend to procrastinate (I’ve been thinking about creating this page for a month now!), what better way to make this happen than by presenting free readings to the public.

If you’re interested in participating, send me an email at verystrangebird at gmail dot com with the topic/issue/question that you want me to address and I’ll add you to my list.  Each Sunday I’ll select one person at random and choose a spread that I think will address their query best.  I will then post my reading, but I will not say who it is for.  The following evening (Monday), I will email the person who the reading was for.  It will be fun to check each Sunday night and guess if the reading was for you!

“What’s the catch,” you ask?

It’s simple.  In exchange for your free reading, you agree to the following:

1.  Like my Facebook page here and leave a note on my wall.

2.  Invite a friend to sign up for Free Tarot Sunday.  This will help me to achieve my goal of conducting 52 readings in 52 weeks.

It’s that easy!  Tell your friends and I hope that you’ll all join in!


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