Free Tarot Sunday- Let The Wind Of Your Spirit Define You And Guide You

Sunday’s delayed Free Tarot reading is finally here!  I’ve made you wait long enough, so let’s just get to it!  And check back here later because I’m going to post a special treat for my loyal readers!


The Current Situation

The Hierophant Upside Down

You are trying to conform to what you believe society expects of you.  You may be doing this to a lesser degree than most people do, or you may be fooling yourself into thinking that you aren’t, but in some way you are trying to take a well-traveled path, regardless if it’s the one that you want to be on.


The Star

Your dreams lead you down the road less travelled, and this internal struggle is preventing you from being successful on your journey.  Rather than plant your feet firmly on the ground, you want to soar amongst the stars, stripped bare and true to yourself.  The path that you are trying to take has no room for these lofty dreams.

Your Aspiration

The Empress

You want to be in tune with your intuition, to feel from your root, to speak from your heart, to dream from your soul. You want to let the wind of your spirit define you and guide you.  You are fertile with ideas and you want to create organically.  You want to feel everything that you do, from the tips of your toes to the top of the highest hair on your head.  Your fingers spark with creative electricity and you want to touch others and spread your powerful passion.

What Needs To Be Awakened


You need to accept what you want deep down and let go of the ideas that believe you should be pursuing.  Transform your vision of yourself.  Close your eyes and imagine the person that you are trying to be, the road that you are currently trying to travel.  How does it feel?  Is this person happy?  Are you this person?  Now think about the person that you have tried to suppress.  Envision that road that she is travelling.  How do you feel?  Is this person happy?  Are you this person?

What Lies Behind You

9 of Cups

You have had great successes in your recent past, but those were a phase of your life that has closed.  This is not to say that you won’t have future successes, only that you are embarking on a new chapter in your life where the successes are measured differently.  You may still succeed beyond your wildest imagination, but they will be different kinds of successes, at a different level than you’ve previously experienced.  These successes will take huge efforts to achieve, will not coming easily, but will be worth that much more because of the blood, sweat and tears put into them.

The Next Stage

6 of Pentacles

It may seem as if decisions made by others about your future (as in a potential job) will be made arbitrarily and without consideration for your talents, charisma or drive.  You may feel slighted, overlooked, unfairly treated.  This challenge could mean that it takes longer for you to land where you’re going.  Do not be discouraged by this, however. The longer, windier road builds character.  It’s easy to be our own best self when times are good and going our way. But who we are in the difficult times is who we are at the core.  This is an opportunity to build the strength of who you are.  Lean back on your Empress traits during this time.  She will guide you through.  And you will get through- this path does eventually get you to where you want to go.

What Will Be

Death Upside Down

You are going to come out of this a different, more mature person.  The Death card, while frightening to see, simply means transformation and rebirth.  For you, it means that you will finally let go of the vision of who you were supposed to be and become the reality of who you are at your core.  I believe that the significance of the upside down card lies in this fact:  It will not be hard to let go of who you thought that you were supposed to be because you’ve never truly believed that you were supposed to be that person.  Once you reconcile these truths, you will find peace.

(Random note:  You may have noticed that I switched up tarot decks this week.  My wonderfully fantastic partner, Bruno, gave me the beautiful deck that you see in tonight’s reading.  It’s a limited edition deck originally created by Giovanni Vacchetta in 1893.  In 2001 it was water-colored by Osvaldo Menegazzi who then had 1500 copies produced, each one numbered.  I found the deck online at a little shop in Italy earlier this year.  They had one deck- the only one that I found anywhere!- but I didn’t want to buy it because it felt too extravagant (and expensive).  I emailed them, but never followed through on it.  Lo and behold, Bruno actually ordered the deck that very night and has had it sitting in his desk at work for months.  I’ve never, in my entire life, been so shocked and excited when receiving a gift!  Wow, what an amazing partner I have!)


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