Free Tarot Sunday- Being True To Yourself Is The Key To Your Happiness

Welcome back to Free Tarot Sunday!  You must have been telling your friends about the free tarot challenge because the queue for free readings is filling up!  Thank you for your support and interest.  Keep it coming!  I love this project and look forward to every Sunday when I can take the time to practice the beautiful art of tarot and meditation!

Enough of that.  Let’s get to it…

The Current Situation

9 of Pentacles

This card indicates accomplishments and self-reliance, having worked hard to achieve the successes that are now yours.  When you get this card, you should ask yourself if you are the most important person in  your life right now, as you should be.  Have you enjoyed your independence?  Have you acknowledged your accomplishments?  Or are you afraid of being self-reliant and worry that you have nothing to show for your efforts?


The Emperor

A powerful man in your life, one that represents the right way to do things, is creating issues for your happiness.  This person is literally like a wall between you and the life that you want to live.  The Emperor represents the conservative, utopian ideals in life.

Your Aspiration

9 of Wands

You want to move forward, to learn from the past pains that you’ve endured and be a stronger, more whole person on the other side.  You want to know your strengths and weaknesses and you don’t want to judge yourself for your past actions.  You want to be compassionate to yourself and empowered as you move forward and onward.

What Needs To Be Awakened

9 of Cups

You need to allow yourself to indulge in the success of your achievements.  Welcome emotional fulfillment- open yourself to sensuality and pleasure and bask in the love and adoration that you receive.  Do not allow your fears of loss and pain to prevent you from fulfilling your desires.  But do be cautious in who you trust or who you share your secrets with, as some may take your pleasure as bragging and feel ill will towards you.  Don’t allow your happiness to be taken away by other people!

What Lies Behind You

Page of Pentacles

Stop trying to force something that you are not.  You feel that you need to be practical, to fit a mold that never quite fit.  Trying to shove the square peg in the round hole needs to stop.  Allow yourself to let go of that need, to become who you really are.  Your successes and happiness will be found in the moments when you are being true to yourself.  Let go of the idealistic messages that we are programmed with, the “I should be more…, I should do more…”  and make your own affirmative messages.  “I AM…” and love the “…”

The Next Stage

6 of Wands

You will reap the reward that comes from looking out for yourself, giving value to yourself and believing in your accomplishments.  Rewards will abound, but take care not to celebrate too loudly, as you may cause your own downfall.  Knowing the potential pitfalls going in will allow you to come out the other end without scrapes and bruises.

What Will Be

The Empress

The Goddess, no shocker there!  You will come full circle, and the goddess within you will finally be fully rounded out and whole.  Who you aspire to be and who you’ve finally become will be one and the same.  You will have a quiet sensuality and mystery that will draw others in.  There will be calm and peace within you and a stream of joy running through your heart.  You will be YOU.

Some Thoughts

Three of your cards were 9s, which is important to note.  The number 9 represents vision.  You have extraordinary vision for the future, but will only gain it if you are true to yourself.  Following the paths set out by others will lead you to their goals, but not yours.  Look into your heart, listen to your soul and envision your true path.  Only by following your own path will you find total and real happiness and peace.

In a personal conversation recently, you mentioned that you were the 9 of Swords.  Do not take lightly that this card was the only 9 that did not turn up in this reading.  It is not a coincidence.

Also, do not take lightly the fact that the two Major Arcana cards were The Emperor and The Empress.  The Emperor is your obstacle card, meaning that thinking that you “should” do things the way that is commonly directed or prescribed is going to keep you from obtaining your true happiness.  The Empress relies on her feminine intuition to gain insight  and understanding.  Her achievements come from feelings, emotions and intuition, whereas The Emperor relies on rules and force to achieve his end.  You think that you need to step into the role of a masculine character to move beyond this current stage in your life (or to navigate it successfully), but the cards are telling you to dig deep into yourself, listen to your feminine intuition and follow it.  Only you know how to move forward, only you have the answers.  But only YOU can do it in this situation.


One thought on “Free Tarot Sunday- Being True To Yourself Is The Key To Your Happiness

  1. You know this is dead on. Every single bit of it.
    You amaze me, though I believe in the powers of our spirits and intuition…of course you can read me so accurately. Kindred spirits, eh? xoxoxo

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